Student Research Program

Preliminary Focus of this program is to initiate and develop innovative Research based projects benefiting the society at large. Further, it also focuses on developing multidisciplinary project models for the study purpose. The results obtained include.

Focus of this program is to develop Research culture amongst faculty to give a boost to cutting edge Research in state of art technologies. Under this program centralized meetings are conducted involving the active faculty researchers to assess the progress of Research activities at the department level. The adorable results obtained include

Following Interdisciplinary projects are initiated.

Project TitleGuide Name
Design and Development of Solar powered steam electric generation using Parabolic Trough Collectors1) Mr.Suhaib Mohammed Asst.Prof, Dept. of E&E
2) Mr.Altaf Hussain Bagawan Asst.Prof, Dept. of E&E
Design and Development of Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy Conversion System1) Mr.Suhaib Mohammed Asst.Prof, Dept. of E&E
2) Mr.Apsaraj Asst.Prof, Dept. of E&E

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