The library and information centre was established in the year 2002 and it has a vast collection of Text books, reference books, bound volumes, technical national and international journals, e- books, e- journals, encyclopedia and other multimedia resources. Library has 29703 volumes and subscribes 73 technical journals and 10 daily newspapers which include English and Kannada.

        E- Journals are subscribed from VTU E-Resource Consortium, the e- journals are from various leading publisher and is a value added service to the readers, and it has a collection of 8611 e-journals. These resources are IP based and can be accessed through Digital library. Library has a Member of DELNET, New Delhi and National Digital Library of India, IIT Khargpur.

About the Library


Library aims to be one of the best among engineering college libraries in the country, and support teaching and research needs of the stakeholders. To provide easy access to the learning material to the stakeholders, Library intends to incorporate the new technologies and adopt best user friendly approach towards students and faculty.


Library serves as a resource centre and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of books and journals useful for the stakeholders, and intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.

Library Collections

Library Collections Numbers
Titles 6501
Volumes 31591
Bound Volumes 357
National Journals 73
E-Journals 7361
E-Books 3280
CD's/DVD's 1085

Library Timings

Monday to Saturdayz 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
(During Examination) 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Sunday 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Library Services


Category of Membership No. of Books Period of Loan
Students Under Graduate (BE) 02 15 days
Students – Book Bank Members 02 One Semester
Students – SC / ST Members 02 One Semester
Students Post Graduate (M.Tech/MBA) 04 15 days
Faculty Teaching 10 One Semester
Research Scholar 04 30 days
Non Teaching Staff 02 30 days

Library Services

  1. Circulation of Books:Books meant in stack will be issued for its readers.
  2. Classification of Books:All the subjects books are arranged as per the classification numbers.
  3. Reference Services:Reference books are meant for reference only. If user wants to provide for Xerox purpose.
  4. Book Bank Facility:The Library is provide Book Bank facility.
  5. SC / ST Book Bank Facility:The Library is provide SC / ST book bank facility.
  6. Inter Library Loan:Document delivery service through DELNET is provided to its readers for the books, which is not available in library by borrowing them through DELNET. SIET library provide document delivery service to SECAB Association sister concerned Institutions.
  7. User awareness Programme: Library facility and services orientation programme is given for the new students.
  8. Reprographic Services available.


The SIET library is housed in an independent, two-storied building with a carpet area of over 652 sqmt and is located in the centre of the campus. The library services and resources are mentioned below.

Ground Floor

  • Stack area for books in all disciplines are shelved as per the classification number.
  • OPAC Services
  • Technical Processing Section
  • Newspaper and Magazine Section
  • Circulation Counter and Reading Area
  • Digital Library

First Floor :

  • Reference Section and Reading area
  • Journal Section
  • Bound Volumes of Journal
  • Digital Library

Digital Library

  • # VTU e-resources consortium - Online access to the following e-resources
    • Taylor and Francis (E-Journals)
    • Elsevier-Science Direct(E-Journals)
    • Springer Nature
    • Emerald (Management)
    • Net Analytiks Platform Sententia(Grammar/writing tool)
    • Knimbus (E-Library,Remote Access,Mobile App)
    • Turnitin(Plagiarims Software Online Tool)
  • # DELNET, New Delhi
  • # National Digital Library of India,
  • # NPTEL

Institutional repository is made available in Digital Library where users can access

  1. Previous year question papers
  2. Syllabus Copies
  3. Faculty published journal papers
  4. Newspaper clippings etc.

Electronic Surveillances

06 CCTV cameras are installed in the library premises as security measure


Name Designation e-mail ID
Mr.A.I.Chanegaon Librarian
Mrs.P.B.Patil Assistant Librarian
Mr. Pareed Yendigeri Library Assistant
Ms.Uma.A.Kanamdi Library Assistant
Mr.Riyaz Makandar Library Assistant
Mr.Khwaja.Moinuddin Digital Library Assistant
Mr.H.S. Kavatgi Peon
Mrs.Shahikala Hadapad Peon


VTU E-Resources Consortium Subscription Details
E-Resources URL Addresses
D-Book Store Click Here
IEEE Electronic Library (IEL)
ASCE E Journal Package
ASME E Journal Package
Taylor & Francis
Kopykitab Virtual-Library
NetAnalytiks’ Sententia (Grammar/writing tool)
Karvin Solution Software Pvt., Ltd.
Springer Nature
Institution of Civil Engineers(ICE)
McGraw Hill Education
New Age International
NPTEL Study Material
knimbus Digital Library
National Digital Library(NDL)

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