Secab Institute of Engineering & Technology hostel is a home away from home. The residential arrangements are separate for boys and girls. The facilities provided are guided strictly by the sense of comfort and quality life for our students.

Hostel Facilities

In a room for four inmates hostel provides a cot, a matress, one set of bed sheet, a pillow cover, a study table, a chair, cupboard for each student, shoe rack, solar hot water facility, mineral water for drinking, drawing table (for Architecture students), healthy & hygienic mess facility.
    Hostel provides English and Kannada newspapers, 24 hours security, common TV in mess, indoor games and outdoor games.

Hostel Rules & Regulations :

The guiding principle towards the formulation of the rules & regulations for hostilities is to ensure a secure & pleasant stay and to create an environment of learning. In fact all activities are geared towards development of students.
    In order to maintain sanctity decorum & provide excellent academic atmosphere, the following rules of discipline shall be observed by the Hostel inmates of S.I.E.T. Group of Hostels.

  1. Every hostel inmates should be in his/her room before 10:00 pm.
  2. Every student staying in the hostel cannot remain in the room/hostel premises when the classes/practicals are going on in the college except for the students who are sick.
  3. Hostel inmates should obtain Principal's/Warden's permission to remain absent from the hostel temporarily for a genuine reason for a day or two.
  4. Use of mobile is prohibited between 10:00pm to 06:00am.
  5. Guests/Friends are not permitted to stay overnight in the hostel & are also not permitted to use the boarding facilities.
  6. Inmates are not allowed to entertain guests. If such cases are found then the particular inmate will have to leave the hostel.
  7. Hostel inmates are not permitted to convene any meeting of any nature in the hostel.
  8. Playing cards, celebration of birthday or any type of function is not allowed. The students whose birthday is celebrated will be held responsible.
  9. Writing obscene matter or anything and spitting on the walls of rooms, corridors, toilet, bath rooms etc., are strictly forbidden. Hostel inmates shall not affix posters of any type on the walls of rooms, corridors etc.
  10. Shouting whistling or otherwise making noise or causing disturbance when lights go off or any such act will be considered as a breach of discipline. Such students will be sent out of the hostel.
  11. Smoking consumption of alcohol beverages and drugs in the hostel is strictly forbidden. Anybody found indulging in such acts will be removed from the hostel.
  12. Ragging is prohibited. Any Hostel inmate found guilty of ragging of any kind shall be liable for punishment as per the section. 116 of the Karnataka Education Act. 1983 (Karnataka Act No. 1 of 1995) and the matter will be immediately reported to the police.
  13. Hostel inmate should not damage the hostel property such as window glasses, bathroom doors, electrical fittings and furniture etc., They will be held responsible for any damages and will have to bear the entire cost of replacement.
  14. Any Hostel inmate whose name is deleted from the college roll shall ipso facto, cease to be a hostel inmate and must vacate the hostel immediately.
  15. The Principal/Warden/ will have full power to expel a Hostel inmate from the hostel. If he is found to be indulging in objectionable activities.
  16. Use of tape recorders, any type of music systems, room heaters, electric stove and iron box is totally banned.
  17. Hostel inmate should behave courteously with the employees of hostels. Any complaints against the employee(s) may kindly be addressed to the Principal/Warden in writing.
  18. The hostel identity card must be produced at the Dining Hall on demand, failing which the service in Dinning hall is liable to be refused for identity.

FEES STRUCTURE Food & Accommodation Rs. 50,000/-per year.Facilities:STD, PCO, Mess, Canteen, Xerox, Generator, Medical Facilities, Drinking Water, Hygienic atmosphere, Table Tennis & T. V. Rooms etc. Both the hostels are provided with well disciplined Security staff with a caring warden.

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