Civil Engineering creates the primary physical resources for development. Civil Engineering is concerned with the maintenance and renewal of aspects of the national infrastructure.

An efficient and cost effective infrastructure has a major influence on social and economic development, in that it facilitates enhanced means of communication and transportation, desirable standards of public health, energy supply and land use for business, residential and amenity purposes. Civil Engineers, at all levels of responsibility are involved in the assessment, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of physical resources such as housing, industry, roads, rail systems, bridges, tunnels, air ports, docks, harbours, canals, dams, reservoirs, water supply systems, pollution control and land drainage systems, mines and structures associated with energy supply.

In addition, they are involved in ensuring the strength, stability and service ability of building structures against natural calamities, environmental aspects.

Department Vision :

To produce competent Civil Engineer's empowered with technical and entrepreneurial skills in order to contribute towards sustainable infrastructural development.

Department Mission : 

1. Imparting knowledge with emphasis on the career development of the students.

2. Developing the skills of students to use advance tools and industrial aids.

3. Nurturing the attitude of leadership qualities in students to accept and resolve the challenges arised.

4.Strengthening relationship with stakeholders, so as to work towards the Infrastructural development.


Civil Engineering at Secab I E T is an integrated department comprised of the best academics, staff and students. Not only we do top in the academics, but we deliver practical outcomes for society. I feel a great sense of both excitement and responsibility in leading this dept. My aim is to do everything I can to allow everyone here to perform at their best, engage with real issues and make a difference.

The Department of Civil Engineering shall produce excellent individuals who can build, maintain and manage social infrastructures based on relevant knowledge and technology with noble ethical principles and broad insights while recognizing the significant influence of civil engineering technology on nature and society. We are more focused on the design and creation of all kinds of structures including buildings, roads, dams, canals, bridges and infinite other useful things civil and structural engineering is an invaluable profession across the modern world.

Thanks to the continued development of technology and innovation in the sector, today every society is seeing an increased need for experts in these fields.