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The Department of computer Science and Engineering maintains an IT Consultancy that consists of creation and maintenance of website and product development.

The consultancy has successfully completed and delivered the following products

Online Feedback Mechanism:

Online student feedback system is a web based feedback system which allows the student too give feedback online. The online feedback mechanism reduces the overhead caused due to manual calculations by automatically generating the feedback. The students log in to Students Portal(Student’s Space), and can access the feedback option from any device and can give an honest feedback. Feedback once submitted cannot be changed as the student cannot find the same link again after submission. The reports can be customized as per the user requirement and are confidentially handed over to the authorized individual(Principal).


Attendance Monitoring System

Attendance Management System is a software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. It facilitates the access of attendance information student wise, class wise, department wise, based on desired time durations. This system will also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student. Furthermore, this system also enables the faculty to upload internal assessment marks. The information pertaining to attendance and the performance in tests will be reflected in Student’s Portal(Students Personal Space).


The Follow-up Software

This is a system wherein essential events of any institution are streamlined into a Calendar of Events(COE) over the whole year. The start and end of the twelve-month period may start at any month depending upon the respective requirement of events. Above events are named as portfolios and each portfolio’s activity is dividedinto twelve monthly segments based on its monthly required output. Further, this monthly instalment of work is asked to be completed and submitted online by the respective coordinators and principals of institutions.

The above submitted work is evaluated in comparison with their own submitted annual COEs by a team of experts in the respective domains selected from within the Association. Based on the satisfactory work output of each portfolio, the monthly salaries of the employees of respective institutions are attached. Only on the successful completion of the works the salaries will be generated for the institutes.


Examination Seating Arrangement

This system enables assigning of blocks to students appearing for the exam automatically. There are two kinds of reports that are being generated by this system, the door report and the board report. Based on the reports the benches will be allotted to the students. The allotment is done by alternatively placing students of different departments. The system also generates ‘A’ Form(absent/present) and ‘B’Form( students who are present).


Human Resource Management System

The Human Resource Management System(HRMS) application is an effective system whichallows the administrator to manage the employee’s data in a simple manner. This system will allow the administrator to manage employee payrolls, the timings of employee works, employee information systems, employee’s recruitment, employees training, employee retention and performance appraisal, employee service and employee attendance. This project belongs to a category of web application that can be accessed through PC or mobile phone with internet connection.


Student’s Portal

The Students Portal allows a student to have a personal space of their own. In this system, the students can access the status of their attendance, performance, fees etc. The system also provides the e-resources, links to study materials, notes provided by the faculty, videos related to their subjects on their respective pages.


NBA Monitoring System

The NBA Monitoring System facilitates the Head of a particular department to monitor the status of ongoing NBA work. The HOD is authorized person to assign the criteria along with deadline to each individual. The concerned individual needs to upload his/her file along with proofs to validate the completion of criteria. This enables the production of qualitative work output within given period of time.


Library Management System

The Library Management System is a project that manages and stores books information electronically according to student requirements. The system helps both students and librarian to keep a constant track of all the books available in the library. It allows both the admin and the student to search for the desired book. The system keeps track of information such as issue date, last date to return the book and penalty information. This system reduces manual work to a great extent by allowing smooth flow of library activities by removing chances of errors in calculations.


In addition to these, the consultancy also has created and maintains the following websites

  1. SECAB Association
  2. SECAB Institute of Engineering and Technology
  3. ARS Inamdar Arts, Science and Commerce college
  4. Luqman Unani Medical College
  5. SECAB Business School
  6. SECAB Institute of Paramedical Sciences
  7. Malik Sandal Polytechnic
  8. PUC Womens College
  9. PUC Boys College
  10. SECAB Institute of Business Administration

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