Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

Sexual Harassment is a very sensitive issue and the students facing such problems will not be in a mindset to address these issues. Thus, this committee was constituted to tackle such problems and help the students. Powers are vested in the hands of the committee to take stringent action on students involving in such activities. The committee is constituted as follows. Name Position Designation Mobile number
1 Dr. Sayed Zakir Ali Chariman Principal 8698773920
2 Ms. Tabasum Guledgudd Convener Asst. professor 8867544749
3 Ms. K.C Hanchinal Coordinator Asst. professor 9972046707
4 Mr. Gourishankar C Member Asst. professor 8660938052
5 Mrs. Priyadarshini Member Asst. professor 9493983346
6 Mr. M R Indikar Member Advocate 9448645183
7 Mr. B V Namagoda Member PSI 9480804269
8 Mrs. Supriya V Kademani Member Asst. professor 8861815746
9 Mrs. P.C.Albal Member Asst. professor 8660915025
10 Ms. Shweta S Member Students 8792775412
11 Ms. Bhakti M Member Student 8217783947

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