Research Advisory Council

The main objective of this committee is to coordinate and monitor the progress of research activities in all the departments and to provide support services to researchers.

Sl. No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Sayed Zakir Ali Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Suhaib Mohhammed Dean R&D Convener
3 Dr. Siraj Ahmed HOD, Research Centre Dept. Of Physics coordinator
4 Dr. M K Rebinal Professor, Dept of Physics KU, Dharwad Research Advisor
5 Dr.Syed Abbas Ali HOD, Mechanical Engg Member
6 Dr.Noorullah Shariff HOD, Electronics and Communication Engg Member
7 Dr.Irfan Shaikh HOD, Research Centre Applied chemistry Member
8 Dr.Shrikanth Patil HOD, Research Centre Dept. Of Mathematics Member
10 Dr.Syed Zakir Ali HOD,Dept. Of Computer Science Engg Member

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