HOD'S Message

The Basic Science Department is the foundation of any engineering degree course. The subjects taught are applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, functional English and also the subjects of basic Engineering like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science.

The Department runs two sections through Physics Cycle (P-Cycle) & Chemistry Cycle (C-Cycle). All the subjects are mandatory to be learnt through – out the year. After the completion of first year, the students are eligible to enter the portals of their various branches & to continue with their studies of their chosen branch.

The Basic Science Department ensures that the students become competent to enter the second year by providing basic knowledge of all subjects. The Basic Science department faculty welcomes the students with affection as they come from different backgrounds of language, higher secondary education and families. All students are considered equal and are helped with their academics.

Our goal is to see that all the students perform well and become good engineers to fulfill the vision set by our esteemed institution. We hope that along with academics our lessons of ethics help the students to lead a fruitful life and good future career.


Dr. Shirajahammad Hunagund